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We understand that making a decision is difficult when some shipping prices are yet to be confirmed. To help you with making a decision, we are allowing an additional 3 day cancellation period to occur once we have told you the shipping price. Please note that we will not be refunding the shipping costs if you do not reply within 3 days. Visit our refund policy for further information. Please contact us to cancel your purchase or for us to provide any further information about cancellations. 

We hope that this does not deter you from purchasing our products, and please note that we allow full refunds prior to sending it for shipping. We will give you at least three days to confirm that you are happy to pay the extra amount if there is, or that the shipping total is acceptable before we send it to you.

Enjoy our open website and feel free to contact us about any concerns or queries you may have via our chatting system in the bottom right hand corner or via our other contact methods.

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